Twiddling thoughts to get through my day

I could make a three-course meal out of the leftovers in my son’s hair.

If breastmilk is so fantastic for the microbiome of baby, would it help my own microbiome to drink my own breastmilk? (Note: I have actually done this…yet.)

I was bullied a lot as a child, so I planned for how to talk to my son about standing up to people. But his personality seems to be more of the assertive golden boy. Now I’m wondering – OMG – what if he turns out to be the bully?

I have always been cold-blooded. Until I had a child. Now I’m wondering if I entered menopause prematurely or if nursing just burns that many calories. And speaking of nursing, my son is also a furnace. I swear one day I’ll remember to bring an ice pack to keep between him and my belly.

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